VISSION : Reaching children with the “Word of God” through tuitions and through them their parents and bring them into His kingdom.

MISSION : Krupa Community Development Charitable Trust (India), (KCDC Trust), was established in 2000 and registered with the government of Telangana state in 2004. It exists to serve the poorest of the poor in urban slums and rural areas. It is basically Socio Spiritual Trust or Project for the cause of community development at large. 

KCDC Trust endeavor to promote community educational and hygienic awareness programs and involves in social and spiritual activities to serve the community. Our passion is to lead people to with Love and power of Gospel. It is always immense joy and pleasure to see that we could find the most wonderful experience of His help and guidance in our work. KCDC Trust is successfully implementing community development.

KCDC Trust success is introducing Jesus to the underprivileged what God wants them to be and this is being made possible with the knock on the door and pray for them through this trust. KCDC Trust upholds its command to bring education and health for all.

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